1. Get on the same page

When throwing around ideas and plans for your wedding ceremony (and Wedding Vows specifically), always make sure to end on the same page. Going ahead and deciding to write your own vows without asking your partner can be a source of stress or tension — especially if the other person isn’t good at that type of thing! It’s wonderful to have completely unique and romantic vows, but not if it’s not coming from a place of love and excitement.

2. Get Inspired!

Don’t be afraid to use some fun, romantic tools to get inspired — wether it’s old love notes, love songs, photos, or even a cheesy chick flick. Not everyone can channel their inner Shakespeare with the drop of a hat, it’s okay to “set the mood” to get the creative juices flowing!

3. Start off with a template

Just because you didn’t write it, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. There are TONS of beautifully written wedding vows online to look through! Think of it as a build-a-vow workshop — you can always take certain passages or phrases from ones you love, or edit them to be completely original and unique to you both.

4. Get it all out

Writing something that contains such importance and significance can be difficult, especially if you’re saying it for a crowd. Start out by writing down anything that comes to mind about your partner that you love — how you met, their hobbies, a funny story, etc. Writing it out can help you decide what you truly want to include in your vows, and untimely what you want to say.

5. Reflect, Relax, Repeat

Writers block is normal — don’t fret! Just remember to breath and relax. If it helps, take a walk or do something mindless. You’d be surprised by the great thoughts and ideas that will come to your mind when you’re not directly focusing on it!

6. Make it You

Writing your own vows means… the possibilities are endless! This is your time to be as creative, fun, unique, cheesy, romantic as you want. Don’t worry about who will be there or how it will sound — these vows are about you both, as a couple.

7. Have Fun

Remember: this is a celebration! Although there are serious elements to weddings, it is ultimately a celebration of your love. Don’t stress about having the EXACT perfect way to say “I love you” to your partner, it is always, always, always the thought that counts. These vows should come from your heart, so just say what you feel and don’t worry about the rest!

8. When all else fails… K.I.S.S.

A perfect rule to live by: Keep It Simple Stupid! If you find yourself feverishly writing a million things down, scratching things out, and frantically scrambling on the perfect thing to say — take a moment and stop. Sometimes the most moving thing you can say can be summed up in three words: “I love you”. When all else fails, keep your vows short and to the point!