Bride: We are here for a celebration.
Groom: We are here to celebrate love.
Bride: We are here to celebrate marriage — our own specific marriage which has endured for X years.
Groom: Today we celebrate those X years. We rejoice that X years ago we had the good sense to marry one other.
Bride: We have dried each other’s tears. We have applauded each other’s successes. For X years, we have lived and loved.
Groom: Today we celebrate the memory of all those years. We celebrate, as well, the hopes we cherish for the years ahead. Most of all, we celebrate now, today, this special once-in-a-lifetime occasion which our love has earned for us.
Bride: It is a day of days, a time of times, a dream come true. Like all the other days of our lives, we celebrate it together.