Bride: We are here for a celebration.
Groom: We are here to cel­e­brate love.
Bride: We are here to cel­e­brate mar­riage — our own spe­cif­ic mar­riage which has en­dured for X years.
Groom: To­day we cel­e­brate those X years. We re­joice that X years ago we had the good sense to mar­ry one other.
Bride: We have dried each oth­er’s tears. We have ap­plaud­ed each oth­er’s suc­cess­es. For X years, we have lived and loved.
Groom: To­day we cel­e­brate the mem­o­ry of all those years. We cel­e­brate, as well, the hopes we cher­ish for the years ahead. Most of all, we cel­e­brate now, to­day, this spe­cial once-in-a-life­time oc­ca­sion which our love has earned for us.
Bride: It is a day of days, a time of times, a dream come true. Like all the oth­er days of our lives, we cel­e­brate it together.