You and I were born right here in the same world.
For this one brief life, we’re beneath the same sky.
The great flow of time.
The Wide expanse of space.
We are lucky enough to share this lifetime we get.
We can gain more if we give.
By taking, we only lose.
Let us make this a new age
Where we show our gratitude.
There’s a fragile bud of hope,
blooming in each of our hearts.
Don’t you take that away.
Our dreams are meant to be shared.
Let it grow. Let it live.
Let us see what it will bring.
When we share our love,
we make a beautiful world.
Search it out, and find the way:
the point where we can all meet.
The point where we’re the same.
There it lies: the future we seek.
Start from there, and then we’ll forge
a world where all can be free.
Free to dream, and free to smile.
Free to be who we will be.
Let’s make sure we create.
A world of our hopes and dreams.
In our brief lives,
we’ve managed to meet…
Treasure this gift..
This precious time that we have.
In our brief lives,
we’ve managed to meet.
Treasure this gift.
This precious time that we have.

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