As I stand here before you, my eyes looking so deeply into yours, I see all of the things I fell in love with.
As I stand here before you, my heart beating so loudly in my ears, I find myself so lost for the right words to say.
As I stand here before you, this ring in my hand, it makes me remember how complete you make my life.
With every smile, every embrace, every tear you’ve ever wiped from my face.
It makes me remember how blessed I really am, how I can’t ever thank the Lord above enough, for allowing you into my life.
It makes me remember every laugh we’ve ever shared, every hard time we made it through together, and every beautiful moment there is to come.
________, I give you this ring, my heart, my soul. I give you the everything I am today as I stand before you.
I promise to love you, protect you, be with you forever, and cherish every moment as if it were the last moment on earth.
_______, I love you. With this ring, let it be known, that over every other person in the world I could be with, I chose you. Let it be known, that with this ring, I’m promising to be here for you for all eternity, ’til death do us part.