(Name), we take our vows to­geth­er to­day. We will be changed for­ev­er, and I take them glad­ly, and with­out reser­va­tion. I promise to hon­or you, be­lieve in you, pro­tect you, and do every­thing in my pow­er to make your life hap­py and ful­filled. This is my promise. Take my hand as we go with joy in­to our new life together.

I am proud to mar­ry you this day, (Name). I promise to wipe away your tears with my laugh­ter, and your pain with my car­ing and my com­pas­sion. We will wipe out the old can­vas­es of our lives, and let [God, with His amaz­ing artis­tic tal­ent], fill them with new col­or, har­mo­ny and beau­ty. I give my­self to you com­plete­ly, and I promise to love you al­ways, from this day forth.