Groom: We promised to love for rich­er and for poor­er-and it has come to pass. We’ve known plen­ti­ful times and lean times; we have loved through both.
Bride: We promised to love in sick­ness and in health — and it has come to pass. We’ve been strong and we’ve been weak. We’ve each had our turn to take care of the oth­er. We have giv­en and re­ceived comfort.
Groom: We promised to love for bet­ter and for worse and that, too, has come to pass.
Bride: Our love has made the good times bet­ter and the bad times bearable.
Groom: Fifty years ago, we promised to spend our life­times to­geth­er. We were filled with hopes and dreams and youth­ful an­tic­i­pa­tion. To­day I thank you for mak­ing those hopes and dreams come true.
Bride: Thank you for the years of joy for the laugh­ter and the hugs and the un­fail­ing, sup­port­ive love.
Groom: We promised to love, and it has come to pass.