Today is mostly an ordinary day….the sun rose, babies were born, people slept in and we just so happened to be getting married.
But the not-so ordinary part is how we are making promises to each other for the rest of our days, no matter how ordinary or unusal they may be.
So I promise to you:
to always laugh with you and to never go to bed angry.
to comfort you in times of sorrow, including rough Buckeye, BlueJacket and Bengals seasons.
to always listen to what you have to say, even when we don’t see eye to eye, and to remember love is saying ‘I feel differently’ instead of ‘you’re wrong’.
to continue to love your children, as if they were my own, as I officially become your partner in their lives.
But most of all, I promise to love you, under any circumstances; happy or sad, easy or difficult, through the sunshine and through the rain for the rest of my days.
I am the luckiest and I couldn’t imagine growing old with anyone else.