______, as we stand be­fore both God and man, mak­ing pub­lic our com­mit­ment to one an­oth­er, I wish to make it known that I rec­og­nize first of all God’s au­thor­i­ty over my life which is ex­er­cised from His lov­ing heart. He has cho­sen me to be one of his own, and He is now my life. I rec­og­nize al­so that He has blessed me and en­trust­ed to me your life as a free gift that I have not earned. In recog­ni­tion of these things, ____ I pur­pose to love you with His love, to pro­vide for your needs through His en­able­ment, and to lead you as He leads me, as long as He give us life to­geth­er, re­gard­less of the cir­cum­stances. As Psalm 34:3 ex­pressed my heart when I asked you to mar­ry me, so it ex­press­es my heart now: “O mag­ni­fy the Lord with me and let us ex­alt His name together.”