I promise to give you the best of my­self and to ask of you no more than you can give.
I promise to ac­cept you the way you are.
I fell in love with you for the qual­i­ties, abil­i­ties, and out­look on life that you have, and won’t try to re­shape you in a dif­fer­ent image.
I promise to re­spect you as a per­son with your own in­ter­ests, de­sires, and needs, and to re­al­ize that those are some­times dif­fer­ent, but no less im­por­tant than my own.
I promise to keep my­self open to you, to let you see through the win­dow of my per­son­al world in­to my in­ner­most fears and feel­ings, se­crets and dreams.
I promise to grow along with you, to be will­ing to face change as we both change in or­der to keep our re­la­tion­ship alive and exciting.
And fi­nal­ly, I promise to love you in good times and in bad, with all I have to give and all I feel in­side in the on­ly way I know how…completely and forever.
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