________, in the past I have tak­en you for grant­ed. I have put oth­ers be­fore you. I have done things I am not proud of. And I have of­ten been wrong. On the oth­er hand, I have al­ways loved you and stood be­side you. I am here to­day to move for­ward with a re­newed com­mit­ment to you, our love, and our lives to­geth­er. I pledge that from this day for­ward you will be my num­ber one pri­or­i­ty. I promise to be there for you in all that life brings our way. It is be­cause of you that I am here to­day and I vow to give you all that I am and all that I have for the rest of our lives to­geth­er. This is my solemn promise.