(Name), I choose you above all oth­ers, to share my life in mar­riage. I promise to love and cher­ish you al­ways, for­ev­er in­creas­ing that love over the pas­sage of time. I promise to stand by you in all things and pro­vide for you warmth, ten­der­ness, un­der­stand­ing and pro­tec­tion. I promise to nur­ture a home en­vi­ron­ment filled with love, light and laugh­ter. I promise to speak to you lov­ing­ly, with an open heart and to al­ways ho­n­our the di­vine with­in you, your heart, your body and your spir­it. I promise to ful­ly ap­pre­ci­ate your pres­ence in my life and to ac­cept you ful­ly as you are. I promise to sup­port and en­cour­age you in the ful­fil­ment of your hopes, your dreams, your life pur­pose, your high­est good. I ask every­one present to wit­ness that I take you as my wife (hus­band).