In the pres­ence of God and be­fore our fam­i­ly and friends I, (Name), choose you, (Name), to be my (husband/wife), to have and to hold from this day for­ward, se­cure in the knowl­edge that you will be my con­stant friend, my faith­ful part­ner in life, and my one true love. I promise to share with you in times of joy as in times of trou­ble; to talk and to lis­ten; to hon­or and ap­pre­ci­ate you; to pro­vide for and sup­port you in trust and in love. I fur­ther promise to love you with­out reser­va­tion, com­fort you in times of dis­tress, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spir­it, and cher­ish you always.

I, (Name), take you (Name), from this day for­ward, and in­to the long for­ev­er. To be my beloved, my sweet­heart, my dar­ling, my (husband/wife). I promise al­ways to love you, to hon­or you, to adore you, to give thanks for the gift of your pres­ence. You are the one I ad­mire; you are the one I adore. You are the one I choose to go on with for­ev­er, from now un­til the end of my life.