In the presence of God and before our family and friends I, (Name), choose you, (Name), to be my (husband/wife), to have and to hold from this day forward, secure in the knowledge that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love. I promise to share with you in times of joy as in times of trouble; to talk and to listen; to honor and appreciate you; to provide for and support you in trust and in love. I further promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of distress, laugh with you and cry with you, grow with you in mind and spirit, and cherish you always.

I, (Name), take you (Name), from this day forward, and into the long forever. To be my beloved, my sweetheart, my darling, my (husband/wife). I promise always to love you, to honor you, to adore you, to give thanks for the gift of your presence. You are the one I admire; you are the one I adore. You are the one I choose to go on with forever, from now until the end of my life.