You cap­tured my heart by be­ing ex­act­ly who you are.
The sweet­est, most lov­ing, com­pas­sion­ate, and sen­si­tive per­son I have ever known.
You have been my very best friend through the good and the bad.
You have been the rea­son that I smile and you have giv­en com­fort be­yond mea­sure when I have cried.
You have be­lieved in me when no one else would, and you have shown me how to love with pas­sion, pu­ri­ty, and un­con­di­tion­al acceptance.
I’m not sure a life­time is long enough to re­turn all you have giv­en to me, but I promise the rest of my days I’ll spend by your side.
To laugh with you and cry with you, to be­lieve in you and sup­port you.
In pover­ty I promise to do every­thing to make our love rich, and in wealth to nev­er let our love grow poor. To­geth­er we are bet­ter than we could ever hope to be alone, and to­day I give you my love, my trust, and my fi­deli­ty for­ev­er. You will ALWAYS be the best part of my day.