Life seemed ordinary… until I met you.
The hours I kept, the words I said — none of it meant anything until I encountered the brightest smile I’d ever seen.
That smile was no longer only in my dreams, it was now in my line of vision.
When I let go and let God, I was no longer afraid and definitely not looking back… I fell in love!

From the moment I met you, (Name), I knew you were The One.
The realization that God and I finally agree on something allowed me to know and to love you.
Peace came not only in our own interest, but in that of our children.
Our family meshed so naturally, I look forward to the memories we’ll make together.

(Name), I vow this day that I will love and treasure you.
I will be open, understanding, and without judgment.
I promise to trust your actions and intentions, and believe you will respect mine.
I vow to remain by your side in sickness and in health.
I’ll support you in richness and in lacking.
In the best and worst of times I promise to share your joy and lend support.
I vow to be faithful and love you completely for the rest of our lives.