I wed thee, ______ , not to have, but to be my friend; not to hold, but to share my life.
I promise you my love and af­fec­tion so long as there is in me the strength to draw a breath.
I will make my love a rest­ing place by car­ing and nur­tur­ing and sup­port­ing and listening.
I will al­ways seek to be hon­est and forth­right with you, though it may some­times fright­en me to do so.
I promise to con­duct my­self hon­or­ably and in ways that will nev­er un­der­mine my trust­wor­thi­ness in your eyes.
I will try al­ways to be as good as that per­son whose courage first en­abled him to reach out to you, who cast his bread up­on the wa­ters and whose re­ward is em­bod­ied in our wed­ding today.
I will act to pro­tect my health so that we may share a long and fruit­ful life to­geth­er, full of joy and love.
And if I should live for­ev­er and all my dreams come true, my mem­o­ries of love will be of you.
With a mother’s love, I will nur­ture and care for you.
With a daughter’s love, I will hon­or and re­spect you.
With a sister’s love, I will laugh and play with you.
With a friend’s love, I will sup­port and en­cour­age you.
With a lover’s love, I will ca­ress and cher­ish you.
With a wife’s love, I will share my deep­est self with you.
And with the love of life it­self, I will seek to en­liv­en the pure Spir­it that joins our souls and com­pletes our happiness.