I, _____, take you _____ to be the wife/husband of my days, the com­pan­ion of my house, the friend of my life. We shall bear to­geth­er what­ev­er trou­ble and sor­row life may lay up­on us, and we shall share to­geth­er what­ev­er good and joy­ful things life may bring us. With these words, and all the words of my heart, I mar­ry you and bind my life to yours.

I, _____, choose you _____ to be no oth­er than your­self. Lov­ing what I know of you, trust­ing what things I will dis­cov­er. I will re­spect you as a per­son, a part­ner, and an equal. There is lit­tle to say that you haven’t al­ready heard, and lit­tle to give that is not al­ready freely giv­en. Be­fore you asked me, I was yours and I am de­vot­ed to you in every way. I mar­ry you with no hes­i­ta­tion or doubt, and my com­mit­ment to you is ab­solute. Do you take me to be your law­ful­ly wed­ded husband/wife?