Hus­band: I, (Name) choose you, (Name) to be my part­ner in life. In front of our friends and fam­i­ly gath­ered here I promise to love and cher­ish you through­out good times and bad times. I promise to try to re­mem­ber to put down the toi­let seat and to re­place the toi­let roll when it fin­ish­es. I promise to re­mem­ber this day with love and ros­es and to look af­ter you if you get sick. I will love you always.

Wife: I, (name) choose you, (name) as my life part­ner and in front of friends and fam­i­ly I promise to love and cher­ish you through every ob­sta­cle that may be put in our path. I promise to learn how to change a tire and how to re­fill the screen­wash when it runs out. I will com­fort you when your team los­es and drink beer with you when they win.I will re­mem­ber this day and will love you always.