You are my best friend.
To­day I give my­self to you. Us­ing the love that we share as a vessel,
through the pres­sures of the present and
the un­cer­tain­ti­ties of our fu­ture, I can promise that
you will al­ways have
my deep­est love, my fullest devotion,
and my most ten­der care.
I promise to love you, to al­ways strive to en­cour­age and in­spire you,
to laugh with you, and to com­fort you in times of sor­row and struggle.
I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
when life seems easy and al­so when times be­come difficult,
when our love is sim­ple, and when things be­comes complicated.
I promise to hon­or you, and to al­ways hold our love for each oth­er in high­est regard
These things I pledge to you to­day, and all the days of our life together.
I Love You.