I (Name), choose you, (Name), to be my (husband/wife), as my friend, my love, (and [mother/father] of our chil­dren). On this day I af­firm the re­la­tion­ship we have en­joyed, look­ing to the fu­ture to deep­en and strength­en it. I will be yours in plen­ty and in want, in sick­ness and in health, in fail­ure and in tri­umph. I will cher­ish and re­spect you, com­fort and en­cour­age you, be open with you and stay with you as long as we shall live freed and bound by our love.

In the Name of God, I (Name), choose you (Name) to be my (husband/wife); to have and to hold you, to hon­or you, to trea­sure you, to be at your side in sor­row and in joy, to suf­fer with you and to be trans­formed, and to love and cher­ish you always.

In the pres­ence of God and be­fore these wit­ness­es, I (Name), take you (Name), to be my part­ner in life. I will cher­ish our friend­ship, and love you to­day, to­mor­row, and for­ev­er. I will trust you and hon­or you. I will love you faith­ful­ly through the best and the worst, through the dif­fi­cult and the easy. What­ev­er may come I will al­ways be there. As I have giv­en you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep, so help me God.