Bride: How lit­tle we knew of love, my love.
Groom: How lit­tle we knew of love.
Bride: We knew of movie love and book love and oth­er peo­ples’ kinds of love.
Groom: But we re­al­ly did­n’t know any­thing at all.
Bride: We have learned, you and I. We have learned how to love.
Groom: The learn­ing has been a splen­did process.
Bride: I have learned that a choice, once made, is not nec­es­sar­i­ly com­plet­ed. I have cho­sen you many times since our wed­ding day. I choose you still.
Groom: I have learned that a love, once formed, is nev­er whol­ly fin­ished. My love for you grows daily.
Bride: How lit­tle we knew of love, my love. How much more we know of love now.
Groom: Do you sup­pose, some years from now, we’ll look back on this day and say “How lit­tle we knew of love?”