To­day, we reaf­firm our com­mit­ment to each other
as beloveds and part­ners in marriage.
We con­tin­ue to strive to be sen­si­tive to each oth­ers needs,
to be open and un­der­stand­ing with each other,
and to share our thoughts, our feelings,
and our ex­pe­ri­ences with each other.
We re­new our promise to try al­ways to
bring out the qual­i­ties of for­give­ness, compassion,
and in­tegri­ty in our­selves and in each other.
We con­tin­ue to cher­ish each oth­ers uniqueness.
We con­tin­ue to share in life’s joys and re­main steadfast
and com­fort each oth­er through life’s sorrows.