I love you. You are my best friend.
Our love is so strong. I believe our love can do anything.
So today I commit to give my life to you in marrage.
You have taught me what it is to truely love something more than my own self.
I commit to you that I will love you forever.
I will give my life for you. and
I promise to always protect your life with mine.
I will celebrate with you in times of great happiness and I will not just stand by you, but carry you during times of lifes greatest sorrows.
I will cherish your health, but one day when it fades I will be with you in any sickness or weakness you face, from now untill the day that I die.
One day we will celebrate great riches, but even if those parish and we are left with nothing, I will always stand by you, and you will always be taken care of.

I will never give up on our love.

I prayed for you before I ever met you.
your the answer to every prayer I have ever prayed
You are the only one for me, and from this day fourth I will forsake all others and be bound only to you.
I love you, and now I get to spend the rest of my life prooving it to you.