I love you. You are my best friend.
Our love is so strong. I be­lieve our love can do anything.
So to­day I com­mit to give my life to you in marrage.
You have taught me what it is to tru­ely love some­thing more than my own self.
I com­mit to you that I will love you forever.
I will give my life for you. and
I promise to al­ways pro­tect your life with mine.
I will cel­e­brate with you in times of great hap­pi­ness and I will not just stand by you, but car­ry you dur­ing times of lifes great­est sorrows.
I will cher­ish your health, but one day when it fades I will be with you in any sick­ness or weak­ness you face, from now un­till the day that I die.
One day we will cel­e­brate great rich­es, but even if those parish and we are left with noth­ing, I will al­ways stand by you, and you will al­ways be tak­en care of.

I will nev­er give up on our love.

I prayed for you be­fore I ever met you.
your the an­swer to every prayer I have ever prayed
You are the on­ly one for me, and from this day fourth I will for­sake all oth­ers and be bound on­ly to you.
I love you, and now I get to spend the rest of my life proov­ing it to you.